WILD Entrance and Guest Policy


Entering WILD:

WILD is free to all undergraduate students who have paid the Undergraduate Student Activities Fee as part of their tuition for Spring 2017. Students must present a valid WUSTL ID for entrance into WILD, and any member of our security can ask to see your ID at any point during the event for any reason.

Attendees who are 21+ must present a valid government-issued ID to receive a 21+ wristband. Issuance of a wristband is at the discretion of the entrance and security staff.

Re-entry is prohibited. Once an attendee exits the quad, they are prohibited from re-entering. Attempting to circumvent this policy will result in denied entry or expulsion from the event.

Bringing a Guest:

Undergraduate students may bring up to one guest to WILD, provided that the guest is over 18 years old and the student purchases a ticket on their behalf through our online ticketing system as follows:

  1. The undergraduate host must purchase a ticket through the system and enter the required information about themself and their guest.
  2. Both the student host and the guest must digitally sign an online waiver after purchasing the ticket and no later than Wednesday, April 26t h at noon.
  3. No physical tickets will be issued. Instead, once a ticket is purchased and both waivers are signed, the names of the student and guest will be added to the guest list. Progress through this process can be monitored through the online ticketing system.
  4. Guests must enter together with their host through the Brookings Hall Entrance. Both the WUSTL ID of the host and the government-issued ID of the guest must be presented in order to gain entry.
  5. Quantities of tickets are limited, and each ticket is $35.
  6. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Neither the guest nor the host can be changed for any reason at any time.

Please note, the following actions related to bringing a guest will result in denied entry to WILD and cancellation of all tickets purchased:

  1. The purchase of multiple guest tickets, or the purchase of tickets by non-students
  2. Bringing a guest younger than 18 years old
  3. Guests who arrive without their undergraduate hosts
  4. Hosts and guests who do not arrive at the Brookings Hall Entrance
  5. Failure to complete all parts of the guest ticketing process (including the digital signing of liability waivers) prior to Wednesday, April 26th at noon.

Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff:

WashU graduate students may purchase a ticket for themselves through the same online ticketing system discussed above. Graduate students are not eligible to bring a guest. The graduate student must enter through the Brookings Hall entrance and show a valid WUSTL ID for entry.

Faculty and staff interested in attending WILD may contact Josh Gruenke in Campus Life at josh.gruenke@wustl.edu to volunteer at the event. Faculty and staff wishing to attend, but not volunteer, will need to be the guest of a current undergraduate student and in compliance with the guest ticketing policy explained above.

Recent Alumni and Students Not Currently Enrolled:

All individuals not currently enrolled for the Spring 2017 semester, including recent alumni, those taking a leave of absence, and those studying away, will need to be the guest of a current undergraduate student, and in compliance with the guest ticketing policy explained above in order to attend WILD. Failure to comply with this policy will result in denied entry or expulsion from the event, and WUSTL IDs can be checked for validity by our security team at any time.


For more information or for any questions, please contact ticketing@spb.wustl.edu.