SPB is responsible for providing entertaining and educational activities in the form of concerts, comedians, and special events. These programs work to help create a more vibrant campus community and emphasize Student Union’s mission of service to the campus community and to the undergraduate students. SPB is responsive to the diverse interests and programming needs of the campus community.

Our Budget:

As the main programming entity of Student Union, SPB’s budget is about 20% of the SU general budget and is allocated directly by Senate and Treasury during the General Budget Session. Our most recent funding for the 2018 Fiscal Year is $604,569.36, or about $90 per student. This funding is used for the entire school year and split between our various events and divisions such as WILD, Concerts, Comedy, Happy Hour, Film, Special Events, and others.

For information on our current expenditures and budgets, please visit SU Finance or contact our VP Finance at vpfinance@spb.wustl.edu.

Our Process: