Thank you for your interest in Co-Programming or Sponsoring an SPB Event!

For Interested Non-Student Union Sponsors:

Please contact the SPB Outreach Director at outreach@spb.wustl.edu for a media kit which includes our sponsorship packages and event descriptions (The SPB president will be included on the email if you use this link). Sponsor SPB and have the chance to reach hundreds of students at the Comedy Show or thousands of students at Spring WILD!
Non Student Union Sponsors may include other Washington University in St. Louis entities and departments as well as outside businesses and companies.

All Sponsorship requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event.


For Student Union Recognized Groups:

SPB offers several options for student groups to work together with SPB:

Happy Hour Sponsorship- Have a table or stand at Happy Hour where the group’s mission or other event or program can be advertised to the students that attend. Only Happy Hours can be sponsored for no charge to an SU student group. Happy Hour Sponsorships will be accepted based on the order of the application submission for each date. Each student group is allowed to sponsor only one Happy Hour per semester unless space is available in order to allow other student groups the opportunity. To work with SPB for other events, please consider Co-Programming. WILD, Comedy shows and other SPB events can be sponsored by an SU student group only with the payment of the SPB sponsorship fee as listed in the SPB Media Kit. The Media Kit can be provided upon request by contacting the Outreach Director at outreach@spb.wustl.edu

Event Co-Programming- The sharing of resources and/or funds with SPB in order to create an event that can target a more specific group of students, but still be accessible to the entire undergraduate student community. For example, SPB would pay for a movie screening and the student group would pay for the food. Events that can be co-programmed: Film, Special Events, and Concerts. SPB must approve the application for an event to be Co-Programmed. Submission of this application does not guarantee that the event will be Co-programmed. Co-Programming approval criteria will depend on the volume of applications, the available funds of SPB, and the cost SPB must pay for the event in relation to SPB’s remaining funds.

All Sponsorship and Co-Programming requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event.


For Student Union recognized groups:

In order to contact SPB about an interest in Happy Hour Sponsorship or Event Co-Programming, please fill out the WUGO form at: https://grouporganizer.wustl.edu/submitter/form/start/243634


SPB Reserves the sole right to approve or deny all sponsorship or co-programming requests. Upon acceptance by SPB for a Happy Hour Sponsorship or Co-Programmed event, SPB will provide a contract to confirm the details of the agreement.


Media and the Press


For inquiries about a Press Pass for use at an SPB event, please contact the SPB President at president@spb.wustl.edu at least one week before the event.

For all interview requests including those for other SPB Directors, please contact the SPB President at president@spb.wustl.edu. The SPB President must be present at all interviews with other members of SPB.


For an SPB logo please contact the SPB President.

Current event PR materials: