Washington University in St. Louis’ Social Programming Board (SPB) was created in 2012. SPB is funded through Student Union, WashU’s undergraduate student government and fulfills the programming aspect of Student Union’s three-tiered mission: advocate, allocate, and program. In 2012, Student Union combined its three largest programming bodies: Team 31, The Gargoyle, and Campus Programming Council (CPC) into SPB. SPB was created to allow for more cohesive campus programming and increased campus outreach. SPB allows some of WashU’s largest events, including WILD, comedy shows, Happy Hours, concerts, film screenings, and other special events to be planned under one collective board.

The first executive board of SPB was selected in November of 2012 and transitioned the functions of Team 31, the Gargoyle, and CPC into the new structure.

Find out more about SPB’s history and structure by taking a look at our Constitution or Structure.

Past SPB Executive Officers

SPB Exec 2021:
President – Miri Goodman
Finance Director – Emma Storer
Membership Director – Josh Epstein
Concerts Director – Ben Higgins
Speakers Director – Eric Zixu Wang
Special Events Director – Talal Abdel Aal
Campus Traditions Director – Ben McKane
Outreach Director – Anna Glashow
Production Director – Ava Moffett
Promotions Director – Grace Buyers
Senior Representative – Steve Li
First-Year Representative – Allie Findeisen

SPB Exec 2019:
President- Adin Ehrlich
VP Finance- Tony Lee
VP Membership- Valen Pariente-Monalli
Comedy Director- Jonah Sugarman
Film Director- Katie MacPherson
Happy Hour Director- Jonah Sugarman
Special Events Director- Lainie Esralew, Morgan Held, Alex Cestari
Outreach Director- Connie Gonzalez
Production Director- Lainie Esralew

SPB Exec 2018:
President- Dina Guilak
VP Finance- Zach Trunsky
VP Membership- Rithvik Kondai
Comedy Director- Annabel Lassally
Concerts Director- Lainie Esralew
Film Director- Jonah Sugarman
Happy Hour Director- Sarah Chen
Special Events Director- Sarah Thornton
W.I.L.D. Director- Evelyn Shao
Outreach Director- Justin Friedman
Production Director- Adin Ehrlich
Promotions Director- Jenny Kim

SPB Exec 2017:
President- Noah Truwit
VP Finance- Jared Dauman
VP Membership- Rachel Thornton
Comedy Director- Sam Posner
Concerts Director- Rithvik Kondai
Film Director- Claire Krupela
Happy Hour Director- Bria White
Special Events Director- Justyn Higgins
W.I.L.D. Director- Zach Alter
Outreach Director- Peter Gaye Laine
Production Director- Adam Wolfert
Promotions Director- Audrey Palmer

SPB Exec 2016:
President- Rahool Bhimani
Treasurer- Andres Avalle
W.I.L.D. Director- Nick Koutrakis
Concerts Director- Dylan Minnick
Comedy Director- Rachel Thornton
Special Events Director- Gwen Clark
Film Director- Judah Burstein
Outreach Director- Mike Figenshau
Promotions Director- Maxwell Cohen
Membership Director- Molly Shuman
Production Director- Jared Dauman

SPB Exec 2015:
President- Jessica Bluedorn
Treasurer- James Harvey
W.I.L.D. Director- Nick Koutrakis
Concerts Director- Clayton Weirick
Comedy Director- Maansi Vatsan
Special Events Director- Brianna Tobias
Film Director- Dylan Raikar
Outreach Director- Rebecca Mandel
Promotions Director- Olivia Alchek
Membership Director- Clara Modlin
Production Director- Rahool Bhimani

SPB Exec 2014:
President- Jordan Finkelstein
Vice President- Ben Yu
Treasurer- Scott Jacobs
W.I.L.D. Director- JJ Linn
Concerts Director- Frances Fuqua
Comedy Director- Ishi Metkar
Special Events Director- Brianna Tobias
Outreach Director- Jessica Bluedorn
Promotions Director- Chan Kwon
Membership Director- Bonner Williams
Production Director- Ryan Meltzer

SPB Exec 2013:
President- Emma Tyler
Treasurer- Jacob Trunsky
W.I.L.D. Directors- Anna Eisenberg and Danielle Adesman
Concerts Director- Will Matalene
Comedy Director- Brian Benton
Special Events Director- Jordan Finkelstein
Outreach Director- Ishi Metkar, Nellie New
PR Director- Julie Safferstein, Calvin Miceli-Nelson
Membership Director- Andrew Green
Production Director- Chengsi Gao