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Join the SPB Executive Board! Applications open until April 10, 2020

What We Do

Special Events

We host a variety of special events students could not anywhere else on campus! Our more recent event was to bring a hot air balloon to Mudd Field.


We throw commedy shows to give students the chance to meet their favorite commedians. In the past we have brought people like Pete Davidson and Ken Jeong.


Every semester we organize concerts for students to come relax, and listen to some great music. Our biggest one is W.I.L.D where we turn Brookings Quad into a full-blown music venue.


How does SPB decide who is coming to campus?
Check out the How SPB Works page for all the information on how SPB makes decisions, manages finances, and completes the booking process.

Are SPB events 21+?
SPB events are open to undergraduate students of all ages with a WUSTL ID. WILD and Happy Hour have a 21+ section, accessible to students of age with a government-issued photo ID.

How can I join SPB?
We are always excited for enthusiastic and hardworking students to join the SPB team! SPB Exec Applications are released each April. Our General Body recruitment process occurs at the beginning of the Fall Semester, so look out for the applications in early to mid September! If you have any questions, feel free to email our Membership Director at For up-to-date information, visit the Join SPB page.

Are SPB Events only for WashU students?
Comedy Shows, Special Events, and Happy Hours are open to WashU students only. Guests (with physically-present WashU student hosts) are welcome at WILD and concerts if they purchase a ticket. Guest tickets must be purchased in advance for WILD and are sold at the door for each Concert. Please note, guest tickets are non-transferable, and guests must be at least 18 years old.

What if I have MORE questions about SPB!?!
Find our contact information here. We’d love to answer any questions you might have!

Why can’t SPB announce WILD artists earlier?
As much as we would love to, for legal concerns, we must wait until all contracts are finalized before announcing the artists. For more information on SPB’s booking process, please visit the How SPB Works page.

Why is WILD on a Friday and not a Saturday?
Historically, Saturday WILDs have produced an increased health risk for students, with an overwhelming number of students visiting the EMS and EST tents for serious health concerns related to alcohol consumption. In collaboration with WashU campus partners, SPB decided it is in the best interest of the students and their health to have WILD on Fridays.

Does WILD go on rain or shine?
In the case of a tornado or other weather emergency, WILD has an Evacuation Plan in place that is updated each semester with the WashU Office of Emergency Management. SPB tracks the weather prior to the event and decides on a plan. In the case of rain, the concert will still continue and set times may be shortened. In the case of extreme weather, there are no indoor venues on campus that can accommodate both the production level WILD requires and the number of students that attend the event. Unfortunately, in these rare circumstances, WILD will be cancelled.

Are guest tickets available for WILD?
Yes, guest tickets are available for WILD and must be purchased in advance. Tickets are $35 each and must be bought by a host student with a WUSTL ID. All guests must enter day-of at the Guest Table at the January Entrance with their host. Please note, guest tickets are non-transferable and all sales are final.

What’s the drinking policy at WILD?
Upon entry with a government-issued photo ID, students aged 21+ can receive a wristband for up to 3 complimentary beers. No outside alcohol, food, or beverages (including six-packs, water bottles and empty reusable water bottles) are allowed in the quad.

Why can’t I bring an empty water bottle into the Quad at WILD?
To help maintain a safe environment at WILD and reduce waiting times at the event’s entrances, SPB, in collaboration with WUPD, enforces a no container policy, even if the container is empty. SPB is committed to providing access to free beverages, such as water and other soft drink products, once a guest arrives at WILD.

What if I have MORE questions about WILD!?!
Find our contact information here. We’d love to answer any questions you might have!

How do I know when Happy Hour is? Are they every week?
Happy Hours occur almost every Thursday during the Fall and Spring Semesters. They are announced on our Facebook page. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, budget constraints and weather, we are not able to have Happy Hours every week.

You guys plan WUSTOCK, right?
Nope, that’s CS40!

What if I have MORE questions about SPB events!?!
Find our contact information here. We’d love to answer any questions you might have!

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